Smart Vending Solutions by Nove | Dubai UAE

Real Time Telemetry

Get an overview of your entire machine park, and easily manage machines remotely, report on stocks and sales in real-time, and get alerted on any potential machine and payment system errors or warnings live. Optimize your planogram, get a better overview of your data, and much more.

Dynamic Routing

Get a list of active daily routes, plus a smart routing algorithm, that helps you to drastically reduce the number of visits.Geo routing shows optimal routes considering Google traffic report, and shows the time necessary to visit all of the machines, speeding up the daily route planning.

Cash Center

Televend Box sends detailed cash reports from the machine, including all inputs and outputs with the exact denomination of coin or cash. After cash collection the bag is scanned and compared to the data from the cloud, making fraudulent actions impossible.

Staff Mobile App

Fillers, using the staff mobile app, get the sequence of visits shown on a map, so they can easily navigate through the intended route. It also reports live on goods or route changes and has a cash bag scan to improve conformity management.

Pick and Pack App

Pick and Pack android mobile and tablet app is helping with warehouse management and prekitting routes. Pick and pack will manage goods that need to be packed for a prekitting route while keeping in mind that we you available products in the warehouse.