A freestanding coffee vending machine that was launched in the European market in 2015 and was recognized as “Machine of the Year” by the European Vending Association in 2017.



With COTI, CPI delivers the coffee shop experience 24/7 in this streamlined, feature-rich, touch-screen coffee vending machine. Built on the legacy of highly engineered, self-service machines, COTI combines Crane Merchandising Systems’ brewing technology with innovative machine design to provide a reliable experience for users and measurable ROI for operators. With a 21″ touchscreen, customizable beverage menu, and bean to cup and instant coffee variants, operators can provide customers with a delightful coffee experience, while increasing their bottom line with a higher price point.


Height 1830 mm
Depth 790 mm
Width 700 mm
Weight 193 kg
User Interface Touch Screen
Screen Size 21.5 inches portrait HD Colour display
Screen Dimensions 266mm x 475mm portrait
Screen Resolutions 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Performance 24 bit full colour TFT display
Video Supported: Yes
Cup Drop Unit Crane cup drop unit Plastic, paper, single , dual walled cups
Cup Capacity up to 800 cups
Cup Diameter 70mm, 73mm, 80mm
Cup Size 7, 9, 12 oz, 180, 250, 350ml
USB Connectivity 3 x USB 2.0
Model type Coffee Soluble, freshbrew and beans
Tea soluble and freshbrew option of cold water and two cold syrups